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At Explore Tech Africa, most of our projects are committed towards the provision of computer education facilities and training.

We have, with the assistance of our Partners, sponsors and donor organisations like Addleshaw Goddard LLP, donated over 60 laptops to pupils, students and charitable organisations in Africa.


The ETA Laptop Drive is a testament to Explore Tech Africa’s mission to leverage technology for educational empowerment. The Laptops donated serve as a catalyst for innovation, opening doors to new possibilities and preparing students for a future where digital skills are integral to success.  

As we witness the immediate impact and long-term benefits of this initiative, we remain dedicated to advancing our mission of fostering digital inclusion and empowering the next generation through technology.

Nigeria - Project River

We donated 20 laptops to students of the Faculty of Engineering and Technology, University of Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria.

Angola - Project Change

We donated 5 laptops to Change1’s Life a charity aimed at assisting people in need in Sub-Saharan Africa by supplying food, clean water, education etc. The Laptops were distributed to pupils and students from various schools in Angola.

Angola - Project Ndozi

Ndozi is a charitable project developed by Elizabeth Esteita, an Angolan entrepreneur. Ndozi was created in 2018 and focused on the collection of books, magazines, brochures and other publications to encourage reading amongst young people in Angola. Since 2018, Ndozi has broadened its reach and currently offers training on English language and sustainable entrepreneurship. Explore Tech Africa supported Ndozi’s sustainable entrepreneurship program by donating laptops to the project and in partnership will Ndozi will continue to support the students under the sustainable entrepreneurship program with the knowledge and skills to harness the benefits of technology.

Nigeria - Project Chess

Chess in Slums was established in 2018 by Tunde Onakoya who conceived the idea on how the game of chess can be used to lift indigent children out of the endless loop of poverty and societal denigration. Since its inception, Chess in Slums has partnered with international, domestic and governmental bodies, companies etc. to secure lifelong scholarships from over 200 Children from Indigent homes. Explore Tech Africa donated laptops to Chess in Slums which we believe will contribute to enhancing the computer literacy skills of children in their care.

Ghana – Project MakersPlace

MakersPlace is a technology-driven, learning and skills development organisation with a primary focus on providing training to teachers, students and young adults on courses like Robotics, Coding and Electronics. Explore Tech Africa donated laptops to MarkersPlace which we believe will support the acquisition of skills by students to harness the benefits of technology.